Easter holidays start here...

posted on: Friday, 26 March 2010

My children broke up today for their Easter holidays! Yup - nearly 4 weeks of family fun from now on. Think egg painting and long walks (must walk my son like a dog to wear him out), seeing friends and family, oh and I expect some Wii and Nintendo and TV thrown in for good measure. I am not a perfect mother... ;-)

I think this lady looks utterly delectable...

This is by Edouard Manet, its called Clematis in a Crystal Vase 1881.

I watched Stealing Beauty this week - stayed up far too late one night - I had forgotten how beautiful Liv Tyler is in this film...

Planning for the Easter weekend, we always have a BIG family lunch with my brother and his wife and children...my lovely nieces. Although they are 10 and 12 they still love the annual Easter Egg Hunt...

I adore Easter themed tables...

And duck egg blue...the colours here are just dreamy...

More duck egg blue courtesy of Country Living...

The real deal...makes me want to keep hens.

So I had a go at relaxing today...this involved lying on my bed in the middle of the day!
Scandalous! So as I lay there I started thinking what a nice picture it would make...so I took a few shots, playing with the focus of foreground and background. I could get into the photography thing. This is my dressing table...the wisteria is just starting to bud outside the window.

Oh and yes they arrived :-)

I love love love this platinum and pearl Agrigento nest ring from Astley Clarke...

Off to stock up on books tomorrow - both Boos won 'effort awards' at school this term (flush of pride) and so they have book vouchers to spend. 'Owl Babies' is a favourite bedtime story of ours (along with 'The Tiger Who came to Tea'). They love the bit when the Owl Mother whooshes down, returning to her worried little clan. Life is always best when Mummy's home...


  1. We love Owl Babies too....and my son is very fond of The Tiger Who Came To Tea! His favourites at the moment are the Axel Sheffer/Julia Donaldson books....The Smartest Giant in Town, The Snail and The Whale, The Gruffalo etc.... :)

    I love all the images you have chosen today....the eggs are beautiful....and that white picket fence....perfect :) I love Easter things, they are so pretty.

    I laughed at your comment about walking your son....I often feel that taking my son up to our local woods is like being out with a puppy LOL!!

    I am not sure if your question to me was rhetorical....but to answer it, no, my ironing basket is very rarely empty....it is a true sign that I am really on top of things/and life in general on the day/s that it does happen!!

    The title of my blog was originally "The Bottom of the Ironing Basket....the day to day story of a girl who wants to do better....". I only started writing it last May and altho I didn't really know what it was going to be about when I started it, I think that I intended a)it to take me somewhere b) and that it would in some way be about my journey and c) that it also be about things that are maybe unattainable and things that might or might not happen ie, getting to the bottom of your ironing basket!! I think that was my plan :) Does that make any sense at all?!

    I dropped the last part of the title recently since I did feel that my blog had indeed taken me somewhere....

    So.....when I said that I was going to write a short and to-the-point response on your blog one of these days, I clearly didn't mean today ;)

    Happy Week-end!! xo

  2. I want a house with a white picket fence...just gorgeous!

  3. Ahhh, the boots. I really do like them. Maybe I should pop down to the shops later. xx MM

  4. Owl babies - essential on every family bookshelf & The Tiger Who Came to Tea - I'm now buying them for my small grandchildren & my daughter wouldn't dream of getting rid of her battered well read copies....Enjoy the holidays with your own babies & have fun x

  5. Gorgeous post - all of it made me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside! The more I see those boots, the more I'm loving them - gorgeous! We love Owl Babies too - and I'm all for the idea of getting SC to run around as much as possible to wear her out! xx


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