Time for a trench...

posted on: Tuesday, 23 February 2010

I felt it coming on a few days ago...I started thinking I needed to source a new coat. Now coats, along with boots, are the winter season 'lust' item for me. I hate to say though, I already have a few. Its hardly a pressing matter in my daily dressing: 'no coat." No, instead its: 'which coat?' Notwithstanding my current collection, a few days ago my thoughts turned to a new coat. A spring coat. More like a goodbye winter, hello slightly warmer weather coat...infact a trench coat.

First instinct was Burberry, the mother hen of the trench coat; the staple classic gracing many a back. What perfect iconic dimensions...but a price tag to match. Have you seen The Art of Trench site? Its the most effective exercise in 'I want one'...

Here is a high-street equivalent from Jigsaw...

So the dilemma is: go with the classic at considerable cost? Or go with the version more available to me for much, much less...



  1. I'm the lucky owner of a Burberry trench. I bought it at Heathrow airport in the spring of 2004, so I've had it for quite a while. It's still going strong, and due to the neutral color (sand) and standard trench design, it never dates. I never tire of it as it's so versatile.

    Wherever I'm going and whatever I'm doing, I always feel well dressed when using it. If that's down to it being a quality piece or just because it's a Burberry, I can't say for certain. Probably both.

    These coats also retain some secondhand value and they're easy to sell. Browsing through Ebay, even old Burberrys catch fairly high bids. Can come in handy if one eventually tires of it and wants a new one. Thus, many years of use + potential secondhand value means it doesn't have to become that much more expensive in the end than buying cheaper coats more often.

    If I could afford it, I'd go with the Burberry. But if not, from the picture the Jigsaw looks like a very nice replacement.

  2. Good advice indeed...will my bank balance stretch!? How is the weather in Norway? x

  3. The weather in Norway? One word: Brrrrrrrr...!

    Looks like I won't get to use my spring Burberry coat in a long time yet. On the weather forecast a couple of days ago they said this is the coldest winter on average since 1966! In Oslo, where I live, we've now had over 70 days in a row with temperatures below zero (Celcius). It's forecasted to last for another three weeks!

    And in some parts of the country there are record amounts of snow. See this blogpost where I took pictures while helping my sister who lives on the Southern coast of Norway with some snow shovelling over the weekend:



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