A good wedding...

posted on: Wednesday, 24 February 2010

I love a good wedding. There was a time a few years back when we had weddings most weekends in summer and then scattered through winter aswell. It got to the point where they all blurred into each other, big dress yes, cake yes, best man speech yes, dinner, dancing, throw the bouquet and away. Now I find...everyone is married! No more weddings to attend and it makes me abit sad. Now, having been married for 10 years, the meaning of the wedding vows have a resonance they never had before. Now, being a mother, my appreciation of the pride a parent must feel watching their child get married is much, much greater. And from a style perspective, the decisions my friends and I made in our 20's about what made a stylish wedding dress...well on the whole we got it right, but we all, without fail were lured by the 'meringue' effect! No minimalism for us, oh no, we went full-on, all-out big dresses.

So, a few weeks ago we went to the wedding of some good friends who are now in their 30's. It was an utterly stylish affair, wonderful venue, low key and elegant. As we sat waiting for the bride to appear, I looked around and saw a myriad of stunning wedding outfits, hats, fascinators, yummy high shoes...everyone had pulled out the stops! Then the bride; she strode in, on her mother's arm (as very sadly her father died a few year's back) wearing a short wedding dress and a pair of the most divine palest pink blush Louboutin satin heels. Seriously I clocked the shoes by the time she had taken four steps down the aisle! And the dress! It was just so unusual, classic but quirky and short! As in above the knee, it looked so modern! It really did take my breath away and to me it showed: she was older (but in a good way), wiser, she knew what suited her, she knew how to make a statement without it being too much. She had not been seduced by the need to wear a meringue wedding dress. It was utterly appropriate to the occasion. She looked amazing. I wish I could show a photo but we forgot our camera!! Arrghhhh.

But instead some lovely wedding reveries...

This is Goodwood House which is where we were lucky enough to get married...

Wedding rings...

A short dress...who would dare?

Wedding dress designer shops...a peek inside...

I just adore the simplicity of this by a designer called Samuelle...beautiful.


  1. Ah weddings.. I miss em too! Pretty much all our friends are married now, although one of my best friends has just got engaged so am hoping and preying she doesn't go abroad and tie the knot. We've been married 6 yrs in May and I loved every minute of the day - and that we paid for it ourselves so were able to do everything the way we wanted to. Goodwood House looks stunning... as Im sure you did on your day!

  2. I miss weddings, too! I am finally old enough to travel in style and buy what I really want to wear, but no one seems to get married at the moment. It's a shame, really.

  3. Hi - me again! Tag for you at mine! x

  4. Many thanks for the tag...my first...how exciting.x

  5. the weeding dress of the last picture is one of my absolutely favorites! so simple and beautiful - just great!


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