Cherry Picking...

posted on: Friday, 15 January 2010

So what to say? I have purchased full price (why do that when there are sales on? I am always the one attracted to the brand new season's stock...) Russell and Bromley deep cherry red, patent, platform, heeled, they are 'a thing of beauty' shoes. As the post-purchase guilt sweats have persisted for over a week, they have stayed in their box, in their bag ever since. I finally decided that they had to go back, after all does cherry red patent really fit into my lifestyle? I went to the bag, nestled in my wardrobe, reached in for the receipt in order to check the returns policy and low and behold saw the name of the shoes on the box: 'Loopy-Lou'. I took this to be a sign and made a u-turn on my decision; they must stay! I will now work tirelessly to find a way to make them fit into my life...


  1. It was a sign, I absolutely agree :)

    Lovely photo.....and my daughter just walked up behind me and said "oooh, nice photo" too!

    I too have a boy and a girl....and I grew up in Wales so am a big rugby fan :)

    Happy Friday....and happy blogging :)

  2. oooh, share a pic of the shoes?


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